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Since 2015, North Spring's Work-Based Learning program has been led by Brian Patterson.  As a board member of Youth Leadership Sandy Springs and a consistent advocate for school-business partnerships, Patterson has become a fixture in the Sandy Springs community. In 2o18, he was named one of Sandy Springs' Most Beautiful 13 People in the inaugural issue of U Media Magazine.

The purpose of WBL is twofold. Students are provided with exposure to real world experience that cannot be simulated in a classroom. It is our belief that soft skills and employability skills are best learned in the field, rather than in the classroom.  Secondly, we give our industry partners first access to top-tier local talent, in order to create stronger entry-level employees and a future recruitment advantage. We accomplish this goal by selecting the best and brightest North Springs students to participate in the program.  Students are vetted through a rigorous screening process, before they are matched by their skill sets and career interests to their prospective employer's requirements.

What each student has in common is a history of academic success, strong teacher and guidance counselor recommendations, and a willingness to do any assigned task.  The average GPA of students in the program is 3.72 and interests and talents span the gamut of career possibilities.

The North Springs' WBL program has grown from 9 business partners to over 50 business partners under Patterson's Leadership.  As we grow, we are looking for more industry partners to help meet the diverse passions and skill sets of our students.  Please schedule an appointment so Mr. Patterson can share how other companies have benefited from partnering with North Springs.



7447 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328

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